I’m Back on My Screenwriting #jfxxxvi

“Say hello to KIARA SPIVEY.”

So in between writing Truffle Butter and plotting out my next novel after that (tentatively titled The Easters), I’ve been plotting out a couple of story lines that I believe will herald my glorious return to the world of screenwriting.

For those who don’t know, screenwriting has always been my No. 1 passion. But after a supposed sure-thing deal fell through, I gave up on my Hollywood dreams. Having now written a few books, and having those books be fairly well-received, I’ve gained the confidence and desire to seriously pursue screenwriting once again.

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“Drama is Basically About One Thing” #jfxxxvi

Aaron Sorkin

“[T]he trick is to follow the rules of classic storytelling. Drama is basically about one thing: Somebody wants something, and something or someone is standing in the way of him getting it. What he wants—the money, the girl, the ticket to Philadelphia—doesn’t really matter. But whatever it is, the audience has to want it for him.”

Aaron Sorkin

Stream: “American Sushi” EP by Jay Fingers #soundcloud #jfxxxvi

First, know this: I understand how terrible and amateur this EP sounds. But I was still in my nascent stages as a producer, and so I was still learning how to use everything.

Having said that, I must now say this: I love the American Sushi EP. Recorded back in 2006 at the infamous Club 6121 in Liberty City, Miami (Studio B!), it features myself, Goodie Green, Esquire (now known as Barry B. Fresh) and Keith Diddy. We were just having fun, y’all. None of this was supposed to be taken seriously. (I mean, c’mon: “Fierce like tae bo“? Ha!)

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