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The Month of May Has Been a Doozy

Jay Fingers WGA

May has been quite a month… to say the least.

It was actually supposed to be, for me, the beginning of a period of prosperity across the board — creatively, fiscally, socially. Instead, life did its thing and, well, setbacks occurred.

There were the back-to-back deaths of my sister and good friend, which set me back emotionally as well as financially. I had to return to my hometown of Memphis for my sister’s funeral, a bittersweet trip that afforded me an opportunity to really reconnect with my other siblings and family but also disrupted any plans I had made for myself. I know this may sound a bit selfish and terrible, but the unexpected time and money costs I incurred during this period really threw off all the little plans I’d made for myself.

Again, such is life.

Slowly, however, things are returning to a place of normalcy… or at least, as close as we can get given recent events.

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Grabbing a Bite at Waffle House

Grabbing a Bite at Waffle House

Recently, I had to travel to Memphis, and although this was not to be a leisure-filled vacay, I did resolve to visit at least one eatery that I haven’t been to in more than a year’s time: Waffle House.

Yes, I know. Yes, yes, I know, I know. We’re all supposed to hate and boycott Waffle House because of what happened to Chikesia Clemons, among others. But I also believe that if we boycott everything that has angered or offended us at one point or another, we’ll be left with nothing to enjoy. So I opt to enjoy Waffle House every now and again.

Say what you want about me.

Press play on the short video below to check out my most recent Waffle House visit.

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Bruce Springsteen Joins Little Steven Onstage!

Bruce Springsteen Joins Little Steven Onstage

Over the weekend, I had the chance to check out Steven Van Zandt and his band, the Disciples of Soul, perform at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills.

While most people know Little Steven from The Sopranos (a show I never watched), I know him as a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and a pioneer of the Jersey Shore sound.

It was awesome seeing him live, and adding to the awesomeness was the special appearance by the Boss himself. Check out my vlog below. Continue Reading