About Me

Jay Fingers
Be Cool Entertainment

Who is Jay Fingers?

Jay Fingers grew up in Memphis, Tenn., where he cultivated a love for movies and honed his writing skills. Serving to combine his two interests, Jay developed a passion for screenwriting. And although he wanted to write for the movies, his influences were more literary and ran the gamut from Judy Blume and Christopher Pike to James Baldwin, Stephen King, and Elmore Leonard.

Jay attended the University of Miami, where he majored in Motion Pictures and English — with both majors carrying a concentration in writing. After school, however, Jay remained in Miami and became a fixture in the nightlife scene, promoting parties at such storied venues as Suite Lounge, Nocturnal, Snatch Rock ‘n’ Roll Bar, and the Forge, among others.

He subsequently moved to New York City, where his passion for writing was reignited, leading him to write four well-received books: the not-quite autobiographical Guestlist, the twisted family drama Kisses for Tati, crime thriller Orange Mound, and the anti-romantic comedy Manhattan Sweetheart. The success of these books spurred Jay to once again pursue his original dream of screenwriting.

After a stint as an editor and writer for the New York Post, Jay packed his bags and departed for the West Coast — Los Angeles, to be exact, where he is currently writing and shopping spec screenplays as well as developing his bourgeoning YouTube channel, where he documents his experiences and misadventures as a new L.A. transplant.

The Story of Be Cool

Be Cool Entertainment was founded in late 2005 by Jay Fingers as a vehicle to express his creativity. Be Cool has operated in a variety of capacities in the realm of entertainment, including as book publisher, film and video production company, record label, artist management company, and event marketing firm.