My Screenwriting Spirit Animal

LA Screenwriter has a cute little quiz up on their site to determine one’s “screenwriting spirit animal,” and as I was eating breakfast on Tuesday I decided to take it and see who I’d get. Why not? Seemed like fun.

When you click the link to the site, you’re presented with a Buzzfeed-like series of questions, accompanied by helpful GIFs, that will help pin down which writer (or writing team) you’re most like. I answered the questions as best as I could — I must admit to being disappointed that there were no Black actor or actress options when asked about my “ideal cast,” but I digress — and I was pretty surprised at the final result.

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Video: New “Black Panther” Trailer and Poster

I did not have a post ready for today, but then, lo and behold, Marvel went and dropped the new trailer for 2018’s highly anticipated superhero flick Black Panther.

I have nothing more to say other than, “Enjoy.”

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“I’m With the Banned” Screening and Q&A featuring Pusha T and Moh Flow

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, I had the pleasure of attending a screening of I’m With the Banned at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinemas on the Lower East Side. The film, which was produced by Spotify, focuses on six artists from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen and Iran — the original six countries incorporated in Tang Hitler 45’s “Muslim travel ban” — and how they traveled to Toronto to make music with American artists.

I'm With the Banned

The international artists featured in film are Kasra V, an Iranian DJ and record producer; Dubai-based Syrian singer-songwriter Moh Flow, who co-produces with his brother, AY; Somali hip-hop collective Waayaha Cusub; Yemeni singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Methal; Sudanese producer Sufyvn; and Libyan singer-songwriter and musician Ahmed Fakroun. Each of these artists have a unique sound and sensibility, and are immensely talented.

Thanks to Spotify and Universal Music Group, the above artists were able to collaborate with American hitmakers such as Pusha T, Desiigner, Sam Harris of X Ambassadors, K.Flay, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and BJ the Chicago Kid.

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Video: “The MTA Sucks” Trailer

Damn, Daniel! — I’m back at it again with the silly iMovie trailer.

Damn Daniel!

If you recall, last week I posted a fake trailer for The Last Happy Hour, which was created using Apple’s iMovie app. Here’s another trailer I pieced together with iMovie, titled The MTA Sucks.

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