Selling Your Script by William C. Martell

Book Review: “Secrets Of Selling: Breaking In (Screenwriting Blue Books Book 20)” by William C. Martell


So, you’ve written a screenplay and now you’ve dreams of selling it. But do you even know how to get your masterpiece in front of those who matter?

Fear not, newbie. Actual screenwriter William C. Martell will guide you in Secrets of Selling: Breaking In, a handy “Blue Book” with all sorts of useful information and strategies for breaking into the notoriously difficult Hollywood film biz.

At more than 130,000 words, Martell packs this tome with topics such as how to think like a producer, writing query letters, making connections, finding a manager or agent, and even when you should run away from what seems like a good deal.

He writes about assignments — the bulk of a screenwriter’s career — and taking the meetings that lead to those assignments. Martell also advises on how to break into the industry through various side and back doors. Hell, you’d be surprised at all the ways you can get your screenplay into the right hands!

And the best part is, Martell isn’t some weird screenwriting guru with nary a credit to his name. He’s the opposite: he’s a working screenwriter with nearly 20 credits. So, yeah, something tells me this man knows of what he speaks, er, writes.

Secrets of Selling: Breaking In is the second book I’ve read by Martell; the first is the equally informative The Secrets of Action Screenwriting, which you can download for Kindle. (I have the original paperback, which is OOP but fetches hundred of dollars on eBay. Wow!) I’m telling y’all, these books are truly invaluable! And because of what I’ve learned, I will be buying more of Martell’s Blue Books — and I’ll let you know what I think of them once I’ve finished.

[Secrets of Selling: Breaking In by William C. Martell @ Amazon]

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