Book Review: “Writing A Blockbuster (Screenwriting Blue Books Book 14)” by William C. Martell


Writing A BlockbusterWriting A Blockbuster by William C. Martell
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Screenwriting guru William C. Martell has done it again. Writing A Blockbuster is a quick, concise guide on how to, um, well, write a blockbuster. Using examples from films such as Pearl Harbor, The Mummy Returns, and Gladiator, Martell points out the components necessary to turn your idea into a spectacle-filled spec script. (My edition was originally published in 2002, which is why there aren’t more recent examples. Nonetheless, the lessons within the text are timeless.)

From coming up with so-called “trailer moments” and utilizing the “escalator of doom” to avoiding such pitfalls as overkill and “golfing goats,” Writing A Blockbuster lays out the ultimate plan for your mega-budget screen dream.

This is the fourth of Martell’s famous Blue Books that I’ve read, and it is yet another invaluable resource for those who are looking to write a salable screenplay that will attract big-time producers and directors and A-list stars.

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