Your Idea Machine by William C. Martell

Book Review: “Your Idea Machine (Screenwriting Blue Books Book 1)” by William C. Martell


Your Idea MachineYour Idea Machine by William C. Martell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yet another great, informative (and, like this review, short and quick) read from screenwriting guru William C. Martell. Your Idea Machine offers several ways that you, the Writer, can brainstorm story ideas for your screenplay (or novel or play or whatever). There are tips on where to find ideas and how to determine if they satisfy the rule of the “Two Ewes” — are they both Unique and Universal?

This is the third of Martell’s famous Blue Books that I’ve read, and it is yet another invaluable resource for those who are looking to write a story that will have a wide appeal to audiences.

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