Tender Wings of Desire

KFC’s Colonel Sanders Gets His Very Own Romance Novella


Watch out, Fabio — Colonel Sanders is coming for your crown.

That’s right. Colonel Harland Sanders, venerable mascot and spokesman for KFC, is the love interest in a just-released romance novella entitled Tender Wings of Desire. The novella is part of a marketing campaign for the fast-food chain’s $20 Fill-Up, which it hopes customers will purchase for dinner this Mother’s Day. According to KFC, the maternal-centric holiday is one of its best-selling days of the year, with locations often seeing a 40 percent boost in sales. The company claims to sell nearly 6.5 million pieces of chicken to 380,000 families on Mother’s Day.

Tender Wings of Desire

As for the novella’s plot, it tells the story of Lady Madeline Parker, who “runs away from … a loveless betrothal,” only to find herself “swept into the arms of Harland, a handsome sailor with a mysterious past.”

Whew, steamy!

For those who don’t fancy fried chicken (and if that’s the case, then WHO ARE YOU?), you can download the Tender Wings of Desire e-book for free at Amazon.


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