📸 Photo of the Week: On Tap 📸

I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m trying to do this on a more consistent basis. Bear with me.

As you can clearly see, this photo is of the many different taps at a bar. What you don’t know is that this photo — taken on 400 ISO 35mm film with the Lomo LC-A+ — was taken at Yard House in L.A. Live during my last trip to Los Angeles.

It was an overcast Sunday, and I was killing time before an Oscars viewing party (that I never actually attended), and I needed a drink badly. I stopped into Yard House, where bartenders Hugo and Jimmy were behind the stick, pouring all manner of libations to satisfy my alcoholic cravings. Continue reading “📸 Photo of the Week: On Tap 📸”

📸 Photo of the Week: Hollywood & Vine 📸

Seeing as “the Mulligan” will be happening in a little less than two weeks, I decided to revisit one of the actual film photos I took while I was in Los Angeles.

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Photo of the Week: Ornaments

I know, I know. I’m woefully behind on blogging, especially with regard to the soon-to-be-beloved “Photo of the Week.” And for that, I apologize.

This week’s photo is actually from this past holiday season. I love these huge Christmas ornaments, which can be found outside the Chase building on Sixth Avenue during the days of Yule. They’re very popular, and are often photographed by natives and tourists alike.

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Photo of the Week: Mimosas

There’s really not much of a story to go along with this one. I was having brunch at one of my neighborhood haunts, The General Greene, and I’d been out and about taking photos with my Lomo LC-A 120.

The LC-A 120 is a fantastic camera: It’s a compact lightweight medium format camera, and it takes magnificent photos. It’s pretty much the medium format equivalent to the legendary Lomo LC-A+.

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