Michael B. Jordan, Ryan Coogler, Ta-Nehisi Coates Have “Wrong Answer”

Scorsese had De Niro. Spike had Denzel. And it seems Ryan Coogler has Michael B. Jordan.

The powerhouse filmmaker-actor duo responsible for Fruitvale Station, Creed, and the forthcoming Black Panther is teaming up yet again for Wrong Answer, based on the true story of Atlanta teachers who, in 2013, orchestrated a standardized-test cheating scheme. Oh yeah, writer extraordinaire Ta-Nehisi Coates is penning the screenplay (based on a New Yorker article by Rachel Aviv), so there’s that.

The film’s being co-produced by Brad Pitt (yes, that Brad Pitt) and Arnon Milchan, whose movies you’ve definitely seen.
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Casting My #Screenplay “Roommates”

Now that I’ve gotten some feedback from my beta readers, I’ve finally begun the rewriting process on my most recent screenplay, the romantic comedy Roommates. Yet one of the questions that I kept being asked was, “So, who do you envision playing these characters?”

I can’t speak for any other writers, but when I write, yes, I do picture certain actors in these roles. It helps me imagine the story and, more importantly, the characters. OK, here we go: Continue reading “Casting My #Screenplay “Roommates””

“For Writers …” by “Guardians of the Galaxy” Writer-Director James Gunn

I’m sure you know who James Gunn is. Filmmaker. The man behind Marvel‘s insanely popular and successful Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, whose latest installment grossed $146.5 million during its opening weekend and is on track to be the fifth Marvel title to hit $1 billion at the global box office.

Yeah, you know him.

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I Know What My Next Novel is Going to Be

And it’s not going to be Hollywood Whisper … aka Truffle Butter.

For a while I’d been toying with an idea I’ve titled Side Chick. I admit, the plot’s not that innovative: A family man becomes involved with an unhinged woman, shit hits the fan, terror ensues.

And it’s also a story that firmly fits within the genre of “hood fiction” — my first take on hood fiction, Orange Mound, has quickly and recently become a readers’ favorite, and since I’m interested in writing tales that are commercially viable, I’m thinking another trip to the well can’t hurt.

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