📽️ | Aisha Tyler Directed Indie Film ‘Axis’ by Shooting 65 Pages a Day NBD


Aisha Tyler can now add “director” to her already versatile resume. The talk-show host/actress/author/producer (see?) has made her feature directing debut with Axis, a film that takes place entirely inside a car.

According to DeadlineAxis is the story of an Irish actor who, on the morning he’s to star in a “career-changing blockbuster film,” encounters “a series of devastating events threaten to challenge his sobriety.”

“This is a movie about a guy driving through Los Angeles, and it unfolds in real time,” Tyler said at Deadline Hollywood’s Sundance Studio to discuss the film.

Axis was funded through Kickstarter and was filmed over the course of seven days. How did Tyler manage to achieve such a feat? By shooting 65 pages of script per day.


(To put things in perspective, your average indie film shoots anywhere from 10 to 12 pages — on an “aggressive” day.)

In the above video, Tyler talks about the filming process and how she was able to circumnavigate the challenges she faced in making Axis.

Sounds very interesting — looking forward to seeing it.

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