I’m Back on My Bullshit #iBOMBS

Jay Fingers wearing the "Fille Mystérieuse" hoodie by Fashion Citizen
Jay Fingers, wearing the Fashion Citizen “Fille Mystérieuse” hoodie

What’s up, kids!

Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s been a minute. But your boy has been quite busy. I finished writing my fourth spec script since seriously turning my focus to screenwriting, the day job has been keeping me occupied, and I finally moved out of the hellhole and into a new apartment.

So yeah, life has been busy — but also good.

But it’s a new year, and as this is Feb. 1, a new month, and I’m back on my bullshit (#iBombs) and ready to blog and vlog about my glorious Los Angeles life. After all, I promised I’d do this, right?

Now, you already know that I’ve been vlogging. I took a brief hiatus while I got myself together, but I’m getting back into it. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to post the vlogs I’ve already done on this site every Monday and Thursday until we catch up. Also, you can see my vlogs on my fantabulous YouTube channel, to which you should absolutely subscribe.

Oh, and speaking of doing things consistently, I will also be posting regular degular written blogs every Tuesday and Friday. I figure there ought to be some sort of written account of what’s happening with me as well.

Yeah, I know. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. I keep doing this sort of thing. But I’m feeling really confident about how things are going in my life, and with that confidence comes the belief that I will actually be able to keep with all of this.

Thanks for continuing to rock with me on this journey. Leggo!

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