Job Hunt Chronicles, Vol. 2: The Job Hunt is Starting to Piss Me Off #JF2LA


Yep. You read the title correctly. I’m starting to get pissed off.

If you’ve been following my #JF2LA journey, you know that I’ve been having difficulty landing a job since I’ve been in Los Angeles. I’ve already addressed the fact that I did not move to LA to find a regular schmegular gig, but while I pursue my actual dream of screenwriting I do need some type of income. After all, rent has to be paid.

But you see, I’ve come to realize during this fruitless job hunt that one of two things is happening: When you submit your résumé to these motherfuckers, a.) they are either looking at your shit and really just not hitting you up, or b.) they’re just not looking at your shit at all.

Thanks to some of the sites and apps that I’ve made use of in my job hunt, I’ve been able to use a feature that alerts and makes me privy to when my application has been viewed by the potential employer.

And it boggles my mind that when I apply for a position for which I think I am very qualified, and I tailor my résumé and cover letter for the company and the role, that these assholes won’t even look at the application.

And it also boggles my mind that the ones who do take a gander won’t even reach out.

For instance, I applied for a Digital Content Creator position with Ebony. (Why, I don’t know, because they don’t have a good track record of paying people anyway, but I digress.) I know I was qualified for the job, but apparently, these motherfuckers didn’t even check out my résumé before the position closed. Same for some outfit called GotPrint; applied a month ago for a Content/Copy Writer role. These bitches still ain’t peeped the credentials.

Aight, fine. OK. They’re missing out. Dummies. They don’t even realize who or what they’ve ignored.

But what about the ones who do?

Like HUM Nutrition? Applied for a Creative Copywriter position and they viewed my resume almost a week and a half ago. Nothing. (I won’t even get into the idiots at Solugenix other than to say I ended up on the phone with one of their recruiters and cursing him right the fuck out.)

I also see that the director of recruiting at wine marketing company DRINKS peeped my résumé a week ago, and I have yet to hear from him.

So what does this mean?

It’s frustrating because these companies are looking for what I have to offer — they are asking for someone with my exact skill set and experience — and they fucking see that I have all of this and they still won’t even deign to reach out.


Man, fuck these folks.

And I’m probably not doing myself any favors by naming names, but at this point, I do not care. As I said, this is pissing me right off, and blogging about it makes me feel better.

Another thing I’ve realized, based on the very few interviews I have had, is that when an employer looks at your shit, they know right away whether they want to bring you in an speak with you. So there’s no thinking, Oh, well just because they looked at you a week ago doesn’t mean they’re not gonna call.

Yes, it does.

Because if that motherfucker really wanted to speak with you, they’d have reached out either that same day or the day after, at the latest.

Wait a minute, Jay. You just said that you’ve had a few interviews. That some employers are reaching out to you.

Yes, that’s true. But that’s some bullshit that I’m saving for another post.

And please oh please let’s not talk about how I’ve also been applying for jobs for which I am clearly overqualified. But what else can I do? As I stated before, rent has to be paid. So unless I happen to sell a screenplay and actually get a check for doing so in the immediate future, this is what I gotta do.

It’s either this or the stroll.

So until next time, please continue to send good vibes and well wishes — because this job hunt shit is truly for the fucking birds.

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