A typical Hollywood apartment building

Moving to Los Angeles is Hard #JF2LA


So I’ma be real with y’all: This move to Los Angeles has been quite difficult.

Let me start by saying that I thought I was doing things the right way. But instead, maybe I was pretty foolish in doing them the way that I did.

Look, I made the decision to move to LA a long time ago. It always surprises me when people say they were caught off guard by my decision or they didn’t know or they didn’t see the signs. I mean, the signs were clearly there. I was taking trips to LA damn near every six months — what did y’all think was happening?

Anyway, I had saved up a good amount of money, but everyone kept telling me, “It’s hard to find a place.”

What I found out, however, is that it’s not hard to find a place. To be real, places in LA are in abundance. It’s a very transient town and there are openings every day, B.

Hollywood apartment building
I looked at this beauty in the heart of Hollywood.

Furthermore, there are affordable places — depending on what you consider affordable. I know a lot of people move out to LA to follow their dreams and they’re all, “Oh, I wanna pay $500, $600, maybe $800 a month.” But I’m coming from New York City, jack, where $1200 to $1500 a month for rent is reasonable.

And plus I’m a grown-ass man. So there’s that.

Hollywood apartment building
Looked at a place in this building, too.

So I was looking at spots and actually finding places within my budget (and maybe a bit higher) and I’d fill out rental applications and pay the associated fees 😩, saw the places, spoke with brokers and property managers, did all you can imagine.

Yet the catch-22 is this: No one wants to rent an apartment to someone who is unemployed.

Me, coming from New York, well, I quit my job so I could go out to LA, thereby making me technically unemployed.

What to do, what to do?

And even though I had a nice amount of savings, enough money to cover rent and living expenses for several months while I looked for work, and could prove this, no one would rent to me.

How about paying several months in advance? Nope, not an option. How about doing a six-month lease and paying it in full at the beginning? No one wanted to do it.

So I put feelers out, asking if people knew of anyone who might need a roommate or who may have a couch I could crash on, or a floor I could sleep on, or anything.

Seriously, anything.

Thankfully, an actress friend of mine knew someone who was looking for a roommate and, well, I had to just step out on faith and go for it.

I talked to my friend’s friend, then I booked a ticket to Los Angeles and met with him. I looked at the apartment and surrounding area and I liked everything, plus the guy himself is pretty dope, so I took that leap and, well, shit, it looks as if things are going to work out.

And that’s the thing: For a while I didn’t think things were going to work out. I was stressing the absolute fuck out. I mean, I was living off my quickly dwindling savings, like …

So needless to say, I was very happy to have finally found a place.

Now, however, after factoring in moving expenses, plus the bit of traveling and shopping I did (to treat myself, y’know), and just living life, I only have a little — and I do mean a little — money left, haha. So you know what that means, right?

The next task will be FINDING A JOB.

And that is also proving to be very difficult. But that’s another blog post for another time!

In the meantime, I’m moving to Los Angeles! I’ll be there soon.

Yeah, doggy.

Can’t wait.

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