Don’t Save Anything for the Sequel #JFWriteTip #jfxxxvi


The other night at the bar (you’ll soon discover that most of my stories begin this way) I was telling a buddy of mine about an idea I had for a screenplay. It’s the tale of an adulterous wife, and I get to the part where she finally sleeps with the other man.

“Yeah!” my buddy said, highly enthused. “You can ratchet up the tension till that point. Then, in the sequel, you can show how it affects the husband and how he deals with —”

At this point I had to shut him up while giving him the Nick Young face.


Son, whet?

Number one, I was confused as to why he would think the story would just end with the woman embarking on an affair, but secondly, and most importantly, I’m not thinking about a sequel. Hell, I’m try’na get Part One done!

I think this is a mistake a lot of writers make, whether we’re talking about screenplays or novels or whatever. They’ve got an idea for an epic scene or character, but they want to wait to use it.

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Why Do I Write? #jfxxxvi

Young Jay Fingers Writes

I received an email the other day from Nick Thacker at WriteHacked that asked this very question. “For a lot of people, the answer’s as simple as ‘I can’t NOT write,’” says Thacker, and I suppose such a facile answer would be true for me as well.

But as Thacker posits, there’s got to be more to it than that. “Why do I spend this time writing when I could be hanging out with friends/family?” he asks. “Why do I write if I’m not making money doing it?”

This got me to thinking: yes, Jay, why do you write?

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