Jay, Jamie, and Kat โ€” new friends!

๐Ÿ“ธ | My Trip to Los Angeles, Days 5 & 6


I assume if you’re here that’s because you’ve read my previous posts about my glorious, wondrous, amazing trip to Los Angeles recently.

I still have a few more days to cover, so let’s jump right into the fun, shall we?

Day 5

As is usually typical for L.A., it was a beautiful sunny morning. I decided to take a stroll around Hollywood, just take some photos of whatever, or whomever, I saw.

I mainly kept to Sunset Boulevard as I walked โ€” yes, y’all, walked โ€” east, passing familiar spots such as Amoeba Music, the Hollywood Palladium theater, the Paley Center (which also houses a bomb-ass restaurant), and Viacom.

And obviously if I was headed this way, I was gonna stop and photograph on my favorite L.A. subjects, Morgan Camera Shop.

Not really sure why I’m so obsessed with Morgan, or why it stands out to me, but it does, and clearly I’m not alone.

Finally, I arrived at Roscoe’s House of Chicken n’ Waffles. I’d actually thought about going across the street to Denny’s and saving Roscoe’s for later, but then I thought, Why not?

Funny thing about Roscoe’s, I’ve never had their waffles. I tend to not get waffles at waffle-themed places. (Remember this as it will come up again.) But I do love the chicken at Roscoe’s. Oh my, oh my.

Since it was pretty close to lunchtime, I opted to not get breakfast but something more … lunchy. Just their leg and thigh combo, with a biscuit and rice & gravy. Lawd. Lemme tell you, the rice & gravy, simple as it is, is a complete joy to behold. And the biscuit? So soft, so buttery. And of course the star of the meal was the chicken โ€” juicy, crispy, flavorful.

There’s a reason why Roscoe’s is so beloved. Believe the hype.

Waiting on the bus
Waiting on the bus … in Los Angeles. A concept, I know.

After chowing down and doing a little more walking around, I got ready for the day’s main event. First, I was going to take a bus to my destination.

The bus in L.A. wasn't so bad
The bus in L.A. wasn’t so bad. Helluva lot better than NYC buses.

Yes, that’s right. The bus. I wanted to see how Los Angeles public transportation compares to New York’s, which sucks. (Spoiler alert: It’s not as expansive nor does it run 24/7, but it’s cheaper, cleaner, and a hell of a lot nicer than the MTA.)

Anyhoo, after a pretty quick 30-minute ride I found myself at the corner of Fairfax and Third, which is right where I wanted to be.

Writers Guild of America, West
Writers Guild of America, West

Which was the Writers Guild of America, West.

And that’s pretty much where I spent my day. I was mostly in the Guild’sย Shavelson-Webb Library, which houses more than 25,000ย  scripts that are available to read, for free โ€” as long as you remain in the library.

And they have everything: film, television, radio and video game scripts, plusย writers’ personal papers, books, periodicals, and more on the history, art, craft, and business of writing for entertainment.

As you can imagine, I was in heaven.

Now, it takes a while to read a screenplay, so I only had time to read three, but the three I read (for films I’ve already seen, natch) offered an eye-opening look into the creation of the eventual films.

(By the way, I read the screenplays for Iron Man 3, written by Shane Black and Drew Pearce; Thor: The Dark World, by Christopher Yost and Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely; and Girls Trip, by Kenya Barris and Tracy Oliver.)

After all that reading, my eyes were tired, so I ventured to a place where I could wash away the strain of the day: BIG WANGS, dawg. (This should really come as no surprise.)

As you can see from the Snapchat-filtered photo above, somewhere, someone named Abby was in the area celebrating her 30th birthday. Whoever and wherever you are, I hope you had a very happy birthday, Abby!

Jay, Jamie, and Kat โ€” new friends!
Jay, Jamie, and Kat โ€” new friends!

Not only that, but I also met two new friends, Jamie and Kat. Both are actors โ€” Jamie’s done stuff for the Harry Potter films, and Kat for the new Star Wars trilogy โ€” and we had a great time talking movies, L.A. neighborhoods, dating, and the pursuit of dreams.

I love making friends with folks who live in different cities, and I’m definitely gonna keep in touch with these two crazy kids!

The three of us ended up shutting Big Wangs down. You know shit closes mad early in L.A. (it was only 2 o’clock in the morning), but it was just as well. Folks had things to do in the morning, so my new friends went about their way and I retired to the telly.

Day 6

Since I had Roscoe’s the previous day, I thought that this would be the day I’d dine at Denny’s. But then I spotted a new place โ€” I mean, really new.

The recently-opened Waffle, a self-proclaimed “big-rig style diner offering comfort food.” I perused the menu and came thisclose to ordering one of the many varieties of waffles โ€” but then I got steak and eggs instead. (I told you.) Womp, but not really.

I’ll be honest: the steak was damn good, cooked to perfection (medium-rare, thank you), and the eggs were solid, but the hash browns left a lot to be desired. And the biscuit, while good, just wasn’t as soft and fluffy as Roscoe’s. Adding insult to injury, the server dropped my check before I’d even finished my meal. What if I’d wanted dessert, or a refill of the “double mimosa” in a jar? Ah well, it wasn’t a completely horrible experience, so I will give the Waffle another shot someday. (Y’know what, I’m gonna post this as a review on Yelp.)

After breakfast, I had some business to conduct, and that took up most of my day. When I was finished, however, I hopped on over to Amoeba Music for some souvenir shopping.

Amoeba Music
Amoeba Music in Hollywood

Lemme tell y’all something: Amoeba is huge. If you’ve never been, you will be left gob-smacked at the enormity of the place as well as the wealth of music, movies, books, clothes, toys, and whatever else you can think of that’s related to entertainment and pop culture. I mean …

I picked up several T-shirts (I am, after all, the Undisputed King of Tees), books, and DVDs, then I carried my booty (I mean my treasure, not my actual booty, pervs) to โ€” you guessed it โ€” Big Wangs.

Quelle surprise
Quelle surprise

But I couldn’t stay there all night. I had dinner to think about. And so I hit up one of my favorite restaurants, not just in Los Angeles, but the world โ€”


Dass right! Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa is hands down one of the best culinary experiences I have ever had the pleasure of indulging in.

I’m gonna tell you right now: Sugarfish is high-quality, no-frills, traditional sushi. And it is amazeballs.

I ordered the Trust Me, which is the restaurant’s take on omakase:

My meal consisted of organic edamame, tuna sashimi (I got two orders because one just wasn’t enough!), two pieces of albacore sushi, two pieces of salmon, two pieces of yellowtail, a piece apiece of halibut and snapper, the Toro hand roll, and aย blue crab hand roll. Washed it all down with a bottle of Sapporo.

So good. So, so goddamned good. Truly, the best sushi on Earth, along with some of the best service ever.

And then, yes, I went back to Big Wangs to end the night.

Here’s the song for this post, and I gotta admit that I was even surprised by how much I dug it when I first heard it: “Perfect” by One Direction.ย ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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