On Tap by Jay Fingers

📸 Photo of the Week: On Tap 📸

I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m trying to do this on a more consistent basis. Bear with me.

As you can clearly see, this photo is of the many different taps at a bar. What you don’t know is that this photo — taken on 400 ISO 35mm film with the Lomo LC-A+ — was taken at Yard House in L.A. Live during my last trip to Los Angeles.

It was an overcast Sunday, and I was killing time before an Oscars viewing party (that I never actually attended), and I needed a drink badly. I stopped into Yard House, where bartenders Hugo and Jimmy were behind the stick, pouring all manner of libations to satisfy my alcoholic cravings.

On Tap by Jay Fingers

While at the bar, I met a very nice couple, Jorge and April, and talked for hours about … oh God, who knows what? L.A., New York, work, life, you name it. The longer we talked, the more the place got packed, and it was then I realized that the Staples Center — which was across the street — was letting out after a Lakers game.

Anyway, at some point during my stay I must have lifted my Lomo to take a snap of the taps behind the bar. I totally forgot that I’d taken it, and after posting to Facebook it started getting a good amount of likes and comments. My high-school drama teacher posted, ” That’s one of the more interesting photos I’ve seen in a while. Something about the amber hues.”

So, here ya go, this week’s photo. Beers on tap. And should you find yourself at Yard House at L.A. Live, holler at Hugo and Jimmy, and try the Angel City Gold Line pilsner. Thank me later.

Yard House @ L.A. Live
800 West Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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