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My Friends Threw Me an Epic Going-Away Bash #JF2LA

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Last Saturday, my friends held a going-away party in my honor at the infamous Alibi bar in Fort Greene, Brooklyn — an event from which I am still recovering.

But oh I must say: It was an absolute blast.

So many folks came out, including longtime friends, former co-workers, ex-lovers, and other assorted people I hadn’t seen in years.

The Alibi was nicely decorated with streamers and balloons, which is something I don’t think happens too often.

See how pretty?

OK, since I’m still in recovery mode, this won’t be a long, wordy post. In fact, I’m going to post some photo highlights. Not all of these are mine; some have been culled from Facebook and other social media outlets. But I hope they all give you a sense of the good time that was had. Cheers!

Former co-workers Hailey and Chris came out and represented for the Posties.

My boys Jason and Casey aka Mighty Casey (yes, he of “White Girls” fame) came through to wish ya boy well.

Got a chance to rock out with mi hermano Jose. ¡Carnal!

My buddy Eli made me his homemade version of Arby’s world-famous Arbynator.

My homegirl Melissa always made fun of my shoes, which she called “dad sneakers” … so she gifted me this awesome pair of Vans. Dad sneakers no more!

Ro and Sidnie made an appearance. I love these crazy kids!

Longtime friend and fellow Hurricane Jenn came out to show some love. ❤ her!

Super talented artist Sofi Du came to hang out!

Ah, yes. The beautiful Stephanie. swoon

Kisses from Erika!

Shoutout to my man BC3 aka “The Prestige.”

The loquacious Steven was in the house! Ha!

Hugged up with Tommy and Laura.

Hey ladies!

A couple of filtered photos. Clearly we were Snapchat-happy that night.

Yeah, folks kept buying me vodka sodas. I know I didn’t drink them all. There’s no humanly possible way.

This illustration by my boy Chris is fucking fantastic. This is getting framed and hung as soon as I get to Los Angeles!

Aw man. All in all, it was a fun time. And if you didn’t make it, you really missed some epic shit. Ah well, catch at the next one … Ha!

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