My Last Days in Brooklyn #JF2LA

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Although my people threw me an outrageous, unforgettable going-away bash in March, they also made sure that my last few days in Brooklyn were just as memorable. Here are a few highlights from my last week:

I hung out with my peeps Kasia and CB for brunch at Brooklyn hotspot Piquant. The company and music were quite delightful, as was the food.

The brother JordanΒ and I hit up Carroll Gardens raw bar Grand Army β€” to say we went in would be an understatement!

I also had dinner atΒ Olea Mediterranean Taverna with the good brother Ron. I’ve said it before and I shall say it again: Olea is hands-down the best restaurant in Fort Greene all of Brooklyn. Oh, and they gave us the best table in the house because we’re superstars like that. πŸ˜‰

Chef Danielle and Jay Fingers

I randomly ran into the beautiful and talented Chef Danielle!

And of course there were the requisite last drinks at the Alibi, Fort Greene’s most notorious dive bar. God, I miss that place β€” and those people. πŸ™

While I am certainly looking forward to the new adventures and relationships Los Angeles no doubt has in store for me, I am sincerely going to miss my Brooklyn family and the good times we always seem to have.

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