"Ornaments," © 2016 Jay Fingers
"Ornaments," © 2016 Jay Fingers

Photo of the Week: Ornaments

I know, I know. I’m woefully behind on blogging, especially with regard to the soon-to-be-beloved “Photo of the Week.” And for that, I apologize.

This week’s photo is actually from this past holiday season. I love these huge Christmas ornaments, which can be found outside the Chase building on Sixth Avenue during the days of Yule. They’re very popular, and are often photographed by natives and tourists alike.

Lomo LC-A+

Just so you know, this was taken with the Lomo LC-A+, the flagship camera from Lomography. The more I think about it, the LC-A+ might just be my favorite camera.

I really don’t have an exciting story to go with this pic. Just wanted to share it. As I develop more film rolls, I’ll share more of what’s exposed.

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