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Secret Days in Brooklyn #JF2LA

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So I know I said that Wednesday was my last night in Brooklyn — I lied.

OK, so I didn’t lie, because I had every intention of leaving on Thursday. But I still had so much to take care of, and I was beginning to stress out, so finally I just called the airline and rescheduled my flight. That gave me three full extra days to wrap everything up.

And it also allowed me to hang out in Brooklyn just a tad longer.

Only two people knew I was still in town: my boys Ron and Jordan. Because of this, I kept a super low profile and made sure to stay away from my usual haunts so that I would not be discovered.

Although I did go to the Alamo one last time to catch Avengers: Infinity War. I went to an early showing, like 8 o’clock in the morning. But man, lemme tell you. That film knocked the wind out of me. I was weeping like a lil bitch. [Spoiler alert] And yes, I know that all of the character deaths aren’t permanent, you better goddamn believe some of them are.

I was also afforded the opportunity to hit up Chilo’s one more time. Chilo’s is a Bed-Stuy bar that has a year-round taco truck in its backyard, and their pork belly taco is one of my favorite things ever.

Tacos at Chilo's
Tacos at Chilo’s

Later on, I hit up dive bar Do or Dive, where I made a couple new friends, JoJo and Mitzi.

Mitzi, JoJo, and Jay
Mitzi, JoJo, and Jay

The following night, I hung out with Ron and Jordan and my out-of-town buddy Jacques at another Brooklyn dive, Tip-Top Bar & Grill.

Not only is Tip-Top on some real old-school Black people vibe, they serve one of the best fried fish sammiches I’ve ever had.

Aunt Sallys fish sammich
Aunt Sallys fish sammich

Shoutout to you, Aunt Sally!

And then that’s it. I finished cleaning out the crib, packed the remainder of my shit, and caught an Uber to the airport on Saturday evening. Thus, my time as a Brooklyn resident came to a quiet, secret end.

Goodbye, Brooklyn!

It wasn’t the denouement I’d envisioned, but looking back, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

OK, Los Angeles — you’re up next! Leggo!

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