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🍸 | So I Went to a Different Bar and Got Drunk and Had Fun

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So, instead of going to my usual spot β€” which, apparently, the entire world knows I frequent β€” I decided to go to a different spot to get drunk. This was cool because I got to meet a whole new strata of people, experience a different breed of bartender, and I was never in danger of “fucking up anyone’s money,” as some would say.

Do or Dive

I made the trek to Do or Dive in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, the former home of a supposedly pretentious, Michelin-starred dining spot that had transformed into a hipster’s wet dream of irony and kitsch, complete with vintage beer signs, retro TVs with UHF dials, and a stuffed shark chomping on an old-school Budweiser can. I mean, the place’s mascot is a kerchief-wearing Frenchie named Poops β€” and she has her own oversize graffiti logo greeting you as you walk in.

Do or Dive
Yes, Jaws is crushing a Bud can with his sharp teeth.

But you know what? I dug the spot. They shut down the jukebox when Jeopardy! came on β€” and several patrons gave the show’s actual contestants a run for their money β€” plus the staff were nice and friendly, even when being sarcastic and condescending. Make sense? Probably not β€” but if it does, then you’ll know what I mean when I say it was cool asf.

Y’know, sometimes it’s good to get away from what’s familiar. Find other places where you won’t be subjected to abuse β€” of any variety β€” and are just able to have a drink, talk with cool people, and have a good time.

And maybe even pet a cute dog or two.

Hey, Poops!

That’s what I found at Do or Dive. And who knows? Maybe this will become the new spot for ol’ J.F. to hang his hat, holler at peeps, and drown his sorrows.


6 thoughts on “🍸 | So I Went to a Different Bar and Got Drunk and Had Fun”

    1. Eh. It’s really not worth the effort to “try out” any more places. I’m just not going to remain completely tethered to one bar like I used to. But I will continue to blog about any spots I do hit up! πŸ˜‰

      1. I look forward to following your adventures. Ona nother note, I think we should all leave the micro social accounts and get back in to blogging.
        Perhaps this was your plan? I have missed you on IG πŸ™‚

        1. Ahaha, thanks. I hope my adventures do not disappoint.

          As for my social-media hiatus, it has by mere coincidence come at the same time as my increased blogging. I’m a writer, right? I should be writing something, even if it’s a silly little blog post about imbibing. But no, there was no grand plan. And I’ll probably get back into IG/Twitter in a couple of weeks. I have been cheating, though β€” I do post on Snapchat, tee hee!

  1. Whaat? They changed and renamed Do or Dine? I did not know — I lived about three blocks from there not long ago. (And yes, the restaurant was maddeningly pretentious.)

    1. Ahaha, I never had a chance to visit the place when it was a restaurant. I hear the food was good.

      It’s been Do or Dive for a while now. Last summer, they had $2 Tito’s Tuesdays. Any bevvie made with Tito’s was $2. They’ve since ended that deal β€” but when I mentioned it to the bartender, she still gave it to me. Now that’s how you treat your customers. You think I’m not going back?

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