JFXXLA: The Charm

🎥 | Video: “JFXXLA: The Charm” Trailer

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As you already know, I’ve taken to creating fake movie trailers with iMovie, and I’ve shared two of them with you so far: The Last Happy Hour and The MTA Sucks.

Well, here I want to share with you a trailer that I’ve made — but it’s not going to be for something fake. JFXXLA: The Charm is a documentary (of sorts) I’m putting together about my recent trip to Los Angeles. It probably won’t be of interest to anyone; it’s a true vanity project that I’m creating to help myself get more familiar with iMovie (and maybe use to graduate to Final Cut Pro X).

Ironically, for this documentary trailer I used iMovie’s “Narrative” trailer template.

Now, you may be wondering about the title and what it means. Not explaining the “JFXXLA” part, but it isn’t difficult to figure out; as for “The Charm,” well, this project was born out of my third trip to Los Angeles since last November. You know what they say: Third time’s …

My goal is to have The Charm ready sometime in December. Like I said, it likely won’t be of interest to anyone but myself, but hey, gotta do something to feed my creative urges.

Check out the trailer above and give me some feedback in the comments should you so desire.

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