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So as you know, Tuesday was All Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween, as it’s called in the flyover. (jk lol.) After running some errands in the city, I stopped at a couple of neighborhood haunts (tee hee) and snapped a few photos.

But first I had some beers.

The best costume I do n0t have a photo of because I felt strange about taking photos of children โ€” even if they were in costume. But I swear to you, one little girl was dressed as a toilet.

I shit you not.

You got the same joke twice. Hope you’re happy.

I then went to the Alibi, where more candy was given out, more costumes were gawked at, and more alcoholic beverages were consumed.

There’s nothing deep to this post. Just wanted to share a day of my life with y’all. Enjoy this photos.

OK, I got a photo of these kids. Mario & Luigi โ€” cute, no?

Oh yeah, and then someone actually brought a copy of my debut novel Guestlist to the bar, and I was so stoked I signed it.

And that was my Halloween. Hope yours was just as cool.ย ๐Ÿ˜ย ๐ŸŽƒ


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