Did You Know That R.L. Stine Wrote an ‘Indiana Jones’ Novel?

Indiana Jones R.L. Stine Rose Estes

So I was futzing around on Twitter earlier today when I came across a bit of information that I did not know: R.L. Stine once wrote an Indiana Jones novel.

Now I was never a huge R.L. Stine fan. I never got into the Goosebumps series of tween-horror novels. But I did read some pretty terrible fiction — I guess what would now be categorized as fanfic — based on existing characters and franchises. Indiana Jones was one of them.

And so, for reasons still unbeknownst to me, Rogue One scribe Gary Whitta tweeted about a couple of Indiana Jones/”Find Your Own Adventure”-type books, one written by Stine, and the other by Rose Estes.

Below is the tweet that led to the revelation:

IMO the best response to this tweet was, “Do you think R.L. Stine came up with that catchy title all by himself?”

Well … do you?

Aw man, just looking at these covers took me way, way, way back to my childhood. What a time to be alive.

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