Jay Fingers' planner from Erin Condren

I Really Dig My Erin Condren Planner

First, a disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. I don’t need the FTC breathing down my neck. I’m not that big an influencer.

Now, onto the goodness. Earlier this week, I received my Erin Condren monthly planner — the “Life in Little Squares” edition — which was customized with photos of my own choosing. The photos show several facets of personality: my love for L.A., for film, for food, for Rihanna. There’s a photo of me showing a little school spirit, throwing up the “U” as I stand in front of the U Statue at the University of Miami’s Rock Plaza.

Jay Fingers' planner from Erin Condren

Other pics: the evolution of my first novel, Guestlist; a Lamborghini; a cold, delicious beer at a golden-hued bar; and one of the last photos of my mother and I.

TBH I’m not even sure how I came across Erin Condren’s planners, but I’m glad I did. I plan (heh, heh) on using it for the 1000 Day MFA challenge. Wish me luck!

Erin Condren Designs has a wide variety of planners and journals, some of which can be customized, and all of which are high quality. If you’re like me and you still gotta plan things out on paper, you won’t go wrong with one of their products. Head on over and peruse their inventory — I’m quite sure you’ll find something you like. Happy planning!

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