Pay Me My Money ... IN CASH

My Knowledge is No Longer Free

Random Cool

OK, I’m gonna break it down so that it may forever and consistently be broke.

I like helping people out. I like giving advice, when asked for it. I like sharing what I have learned.

What I do not like is when people come to me and ask me to do the work and/or research for them … for free.

I also do not like when friends give my info to random peeps — even if I know these random peeps — and offer my services and know-how before asking me if it’s OK. Shit’s annoying.

So, here’s the deal. If you want help, and I mean help help, beyond just the simple “Hey Jay, do you know the answer to …” type of query, then you must pay my fee.

$50 per hour, two hour minimum.

Understand, the task at hand may not require the full two hours to complete. But that is the minimum rate. Nonnegotiable.

My time is valuable. My knowledge is valuable. And most importantly, my time is pretty fucking valuable to me. Yes, I know I said that twice. You know why?

Because no one is picking this brain for free anymore.

$50 per hour, two hour minimum.


But I will also accept PayPal and Venmo.

Holler at me.

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