Photo of the Week: Bar Dude (9/27/15)

"Bar Dude," ™ & © 2015 Jay Fingers.
“Bar Dude,” ™ & © 2015 Jay Fingers.

So, being that I am an amateur fotog, I’ve decided that every week I’m going to share a photo I’ve taken that I am especially proud of. The photo of the week is a portrait of my buddy Mark working at Fort Greene, Brooklyn dive bar The Alibi.

The photo was taken with the Lomo LC-A 120 medium format camera on Lomography’s 400 ISO CN 120 film. Though I said I was going to start shooting more black and white, especially when shooting medium format, I really love how the color pops in this one.

I, personally, think “Bar Dude” is a cool ass photo. What do you think?

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