The MTA Sucks

Video: “The MTA Sucks” Trailer

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Damn, Daniel! — I’m back at it again with the silly iMovie trailer.

Damn Daniel!

If you recall, last week I posted a fake trailer for The Last Happy Hour, which was created using Apple’s iMovie app. Here’s another trailer I pieced together with iMovie, titled The MTA Sucks.

My growing hatred for the dumpster fire that is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is well-known, and once I began creating these fake trailers, I knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mock New York City’s rapidly declining subway system. And so, here we are.

This was actually the very first trailer I made with iMovie, and once again I used my Canon EOS M3 and the Filmic Pro app on my iPhone 7 to capture the footage. And since I wanted to go with a horror theme — apropos for October! — I used the “Scary” trailer template.

I’m having loads of fun with these iMovie trailers. Anyone have ideas for future ones? Holler at me, let me know! And tell me what you think about The MTA Sucks — feedback is appreciated!


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