Stream: “American Sushi” EP by Jay Fingers #soundcloud #jfxxxvi

First, know this: I understand how terrible and amateur this EP sounds. But I was still in my nascent stages as a producer, and so I was still learning how to use everything.

Having said that, I must now say this: I love the American Sushi EP. Recorded back in 2006 at the infamous Club 6121 in Liberty City, Miami (Studio B!), it features myself, Goodie Green, Esquire (now known as Barry B. Fresh) and Keith Diddy. We were just having fun, y’all. None of this was supposed to be taken seriously. (I mean, c’mon: “Fierce like tae bo“? Ha!)

Each track was produced by me, except for, of course, “Ballin’.” The final song, “Donk Riders Anthem,” was co-produced by Esquire, um, I mean, Barry Fresh. Continue reading “Stream: “American Sushi” EP by Jay Fingers #soundcloud #jfxxxvi”