📚🎨 #AuthorLifeMonth Day 3: Cover Art 📚🎨

So Day 3 is supposed to be “Fan Art/Edit,” but I honestly don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. 🤣🤣 So instead I’ll share the progression of cover art for my first novel, GUESTLIST.

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#AuthorLifeMonth Day 2: My Author Photo

Exactly what it says on the tin, kids. My author photo, courtesy of the talented Sean Toussaint of BK Images.It’s arguably also the reason I’ve been dubbed “Mr. Martini.”

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#AuthorLifeMonth Day 1: My Books

So while playing around on Teh Instagrams, I stumbled across the #AuthorLifeMonth photo challenge and thought to myself, “Why not?

It’s similar to other photo challenges except it centers around — duh — author (or writer) life. I suppose it’s easy enough to do, and hopefully not as taxing as most other photo challenges. Plus, if I document each challenge on my blog, that’ll give me something to post about daily, right? OK, here goes:

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