📸 | My Trip to Los Angeles, Days 3 & 4

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to take you through a quick(ish) recap of my recent trip to Los Angeles, where the sun always shines, the people are friendly (and always seemingly high), the fast food is plentiful and cheap, and the overall quality of life just seems to be that much fuckin’ better.

Ready for the next set of adventures? OK, leggo …

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Casting My #Screenplay “Roommates”

Now that I’ve gotten some feedback from my beta readers, I’ve finally begun the rewriting process on my most recent screenplay, the romantic comedy Roommates. Yet one of the questions that I kept being asked was, “So, who do you envision playing these characters?”

I can’t speak for any other writers, but when I write, yes, I do picture certain actors in these roles. It helps me imagine the story and, more importantly, the characters. OK, here we go: Continue reading “Casting My #Screenplay “Roommates””