🔝 | My Top 10 Posts of 2017

Hey all! So even though we are in 2018 and letting the past go, killing it if we must, I decided to take a look back at some of my more popular posts of last year.

They range from writing updates to thoughts on movies to a random photo of an abandoned building on a busy Los Angeles street. Below are my top 10 posts of last year.

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🍸 | So I Went to a Different Bar and Got Drunk and Had Fun

So, instead of going to my usual spot — which, apparently, the entire world knows I frequent — I decided to go to a different spot to get drunk. This was cool because I got to meet a whole new strata of people, experience a different breed of bartender, and I was never in danger of “fucking up anyone’s money,” as some would say.

Do or Dive

I made the trek to Do or Dive in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, the former home of a supposedly pretentious, Michelin-starred dining spot that had transformed into a hipster’s wet dream of irony and kitsch, complete with vintage beer signs, retro TVs with UHF dials, and a stuffed shark chomping on an old-school Budweiser can. I mean, the place’s mascot is a kerchief-wearing Frenchie named Poops — and she has her own oversize graffiti logo greeting you as you walk in. Continue reading “🍸 | So I Went to a Different Bar and Got Drunk and Had Fun”