KFC’s Colonel Sanders Gets His Very Own Romance Novella

Watch out, Fabio — Colonel Sanders is coming for your crown.

That’s right. Colonel Harland Sanders, venerable mascot and spokesman for KFC, is the love interest in a just-released romance novella entitled Tender Wings of Desire. The novella is part of a marketing campaign for the fast-food chain’s $20 Fill-Up, which it hopes customers will purchase for dinner this Mother’s Day. According to KFC, the maternal-centric holiday is one of its best-selling days of the year, with locations often seeing a 40 percent boost in sales. The company claims to sell nearly 6.5 million pieces of chicken to 380,000 families on Mother’s Day.

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I Know What My Next Novel is Going to Be

And it’s not going to be Hollywood Whisper … aka Truffle Butter.

For a while I’d been toying with an idea I’ve titled Side Chick. I admit, the plot’s not that innovative: A family man becomes involved with an unhinged woman, shit hits the fan, terror ensues.

And it’s also a story that firmly fits within the genre of “hood fiction” — my first take on hood fiction, Orange Mound, has quickly and recently become a readers’ favorite, and since I’m interested in writing tales that are commercially viable, I’m thinking another trip to the well can’t hurt.

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