A Zero Draft Thirty Update #ZD30Script — Yep, I Failed

I have failed.

Yes, I participated in March’s Zero Draft Thirty campaign, a challenge designed to motivate writers to hammer out a draft of a screenplay in just 30 days. Despite jumping into the challenge with an already-started script, I failed to complete the challenge by last Friday.

Again, I have failed.

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A Zero Draft Thirty Update #ZD30Script — Day 16

OK, so we are 16 days into Zero Draft Thirty, the writing challenge in which we are supposed to write a “zero draft” of a screenplay in 30 days.

As the challenge mandates we write at a pace of four pages per day, at this point we should be at Page 64.

On Untitled NYC Comedy, I am at Page 58.

I know, I know. I started off cheating and now I’m a few pages behind. However, I am not worried. I will soon be taking time off from the day job, and during that period I vow to catch up in the most spectacular of ways.

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Makin’ Mad Progress, Son! #ZD30Script — Day 7

So while today was actually my second day participating in Zero Draft Thirty, it was technically the seventh day of the challenge.

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OK, Zero Draft Thirty, I Am Now Here #ZD30script

Hello all! So I have decided to join the Zero Draft Thirty movement for March.

Yes, I know that I am five days late. Yes, I’m aware that I will be cheating a bit. So?


Zero Draft Thirty is a concept from screenwriter Scott Myers (K-9, Alaska, Trojan War) and the good folks at Go Into The Story (henceforth referred to as GITS). The idea is for writers to hammer out an entire draft of a screenplay in a month.

This month. March.

They want you to go from  FADE IN to FADE OUT in that beautiful 12-point Courier font.

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