OK, Zero Draft Thirty, I Am Now Here #ZD30script

Hello all! So I have decided to join the Zero Draft Thirty movement for March.

Yes, I know that I am five days late. Yes, I’m aware that I will be cheating a bit. So?


Zero Draft Thirty is a concept from screenwriter Scott Myers (K-9, Alaska, Trojan War) and the good folks at Go Into The Story (henceforth referred to as GITS). The idea is for writers to hammer out an entire draft of a screenplay in a month.

This month. March.

They want you to go from  FADE IN to FADE OUT in that beautiful 12-point Courier font.

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#AuthorLifeMonth Day 2: My Author Photo

Exactly what it says on the tin, kids. My author photo, courtesy of the talented Sean Toussaint of BK Images.It’s arguably also the reason I’ve been dubbed “Mr. Martini.”

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Good Riddance 2016, and Hello 2017!

As I’m sure most of you will agree, 2016 was one bitch of a year.

Not only did we have to deal with numerous celebrity deaths and the crushing disappointment of a presidential election hampered by an increasingly antiquated process (not to mention both the media’s coverage of the candidates and the arrogance of third-party millennial voters), but I suffered personal losses as well.

I didn’t really speak publicly about this, but my mother’s death in August affected me in ways I couldn’t before conceive. Then there was the jinxed jaunt to Los Angeles over the Thanksgiving holiday, during which I was the victim of bank fraud. And I was beginning to feel a whole lot less fulfilled personally and professionally.

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So, I’m Abandoning My Novel …

Neil Gaiman has famously advised, Finish what you’re writing. Whatever you have to do to finish it, finish it.

Well, Neil, I’m afraid I’m about to disappoint you.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce I am giving up on Hollywood Whisper. Aka A Whisper in Hollywood.

Aka Truffle Butter.

Why? The simple, honest truth is that I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I was stuck, but not because I had writer’s block — not in the traditional sense, anyway. I knew where the story was headed. It had all been meticulously plotted out. And, at one point in time, I thought this was a story I wanted to tell.

I thought it was a story I wanted to read.

Alas, I guess that was false.

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