📸 | My Trip to Los Angeles, Day 7

OK, kids, we’ve reached the all-star grand finale of my trip to La La Land. If you need to catch up, just click these links.

Initially, I was going to post about Days 7 and 8, but then I realized that nothing of note really took place on the eighth day. It was basically the day I traveled back to NYC, and I didn’t take many photos of that, so all that’s left to share are my adventures on the seventh day. Let’s get into it!

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📸 | My Trip to Los Angeles, Days 3 & 4

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to take you through a quick(ish) recap of my recent trip to Los Angeles, where the sun always shines, the people are friendly (and always seemingly high), the fast food is plentiful and cheap, and the overall quality of life just seems to be that much fuckin’ better.

Ready for the next set of adventures? OK, leggo …

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🎥 | Video: “JFXXLA: The Charm” Trailer

As you already know, I’ve taken to creating fake movie trailers with iMovie, and I’ve shared two of them with you so far: The Last Happy Hour and The MTA Sucks.

Well, here I want to share with you a trailer that I’ve made — but it’s not going to be for something fake. JFXXLA: The Charm is a documentary (of sorts) I’m putting together about my recent trip to Los Angeles. It probably won’t be of interest to anyone; it’s a true vanity project that I’m creating to help myself get more familiar with iMovie (and maybe use to graduate to Final Cut Pro X).

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