2017 Writers Guild Awards Nominations Announced

Nominations for the 2017 Writers Guild Awards, to be held in simultaneous ceremonies in both Los Angeles and New York City on Feb. 19, were announced Wednesday morning. Of course awards-season faves Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, Loving, and La La Land got nods, but there was (for me at least) one surprise: Deadpool, in the adapted category. Y’know, this may seem farfetched, but I think Deadpool may get some serious Oscar love. If it gets nominated for Best Picture, remember who mentioned it first.

One of the things that’s funny, however, is that Moonlight and Loving are nominated in the original category, but are only eligible for the Adapted category for the Oscars.

Last year, Spotlight won for WGA’s original screenplay and The Big Short won adapted. Both went on to win the same award at the Oscars. Continue reading “2017 Writers Guild Awards Nominations Announced”

I’m Back on My Screenwriting #jfxxxvi

“Say hello to KIARA SPIVEY.”

So in between writing Truffle Butter and plotting out my next novel after that (tentatively titled The Easters), I’ve been plotting out a couple of story lines that I believe will herald my glorious return to the world of screenwriting.

For those who don’t know, screenwriting has always been my No. 1 passion. But after a supposed sure-thing deal fell through, I gave up on my Hollywood dreams. Having now written a few books, and having those books be fairly well-received, I’ve gained the confidence and desire to seriously pursue screenwriting once again.

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Don’t Save Anything for the Sequel #JFWriteTip #jfxxxvi


The other night at the bar (you’ll soon discover that most of my stories begin this way) I was telling a buddy of mine about an idea I had for a screenplay. It’s the tale of an adulterous wife, and I get to the part where she finally sleeps with the other man.

“Yeah!” my buddy said, highly enthused. “You can ratchet up the tension till that point. Then, in the sequel, you can show how it affects the husband and how he deals with —”

At this point I had to shut him up while giving him the Nick Young face.


Son, whet?

Number one, I was confused as to why he would think the story would just end with the woman embarking on an affair, but secondly, and most importantly, I’m not thinking about a sequel. Hell, I’m try’na get Part One done!

I think this is a mistake a lot of writers make, whether we’re talking about screenplays or novels or whatever. They’ve got an idea for an epic scene or character, but they want to wait to use it.

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