Issa Screenplay: I Finally Finished My #ZD30Script

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So earlier this week I finally did it: I finished Roommates, the screenplay I’d pledged to finish for the Zero Draft Thirty script challenge.

Even though it took an additional 18 days to do so.

Hey, things happen. Life, death, the day job, laziness, alcohol, sex, procrastination — they all contributed to the delay in the screenplay’s completion. But eventually, I prevailed. I hunkered down, sat in front of my MacBook Air, and banged out those final pages. It’s my eighth completed screenplay. And y’know something?

I think I’ve got a winner.

So what now?

That’s the question many people have asked, and so I’ll share with you what I’ve planned next.

First, protection. Roommates is getting copyrighted and registered with the WGA as you read this. ‘Tis important.

Side note: I stand with the WGA.


Also, I have a few trusted beta readers who are taking a look at the script so that they can provide me with some much needed feedback. I’m too close to it right now, so I need some outside eyes to look for any flaws, plot holes, character issues, et cetera and et cetera.

I’m also working on the logline and pitch. I tried an imperfect pitch on my buddy DJ Les Boogie, and he responded exactly how I’d hope someone would respond upon hearing my pitch — which is a good thing. He kept asking, “What next? What happens next?” If you’re telling people about your script (or novel or play or whatever) and they continually ask what happens next, you’re doing a great job of pitching and you’ve got one hell of a story idea.

And finally, I’m plotting out upcoming projects: I’m refining the outline to my next novel, The Easters, and writing a treatment for my next script idea, Side Chick.

Also: I think I may need a new name for Side Chick.

I’m also researching screenwriting contests to see if there are any I should submit Roommates to. I’m definitely thinking of submitting to the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, Final Draft’s Big Break, and the Sundance Screenwriters Lab.

So we shall see.

And of course I’ll be doing (even more) research on whom to query. Agents, managers, producers — who knows, someone may bite. After all, it’s not like I’m totally new to this. I have gotten attention from Hollywood before.

Maybe I wasn’t ready for my blessing then, but I most certainly believe I’m ready for it now. Leggo!

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