Another Boring Saturday #JF2LA

Video: Another Boring Saturday 6/2/18 #JF2LA


“I just need one weekend with your freedom.”

That’s what one of my homeboys said after watching the above video, in which what started off as another boring Saturday turned into a night of hanging with good friends, taking a mini tour of some of LA’s hot spots, and having lots and lots of alcohol.

Join in the fun as I stop by places such as hip indoor/outdoor café Goldie’s, the world-famous Original Farmers Market, and, of course, the one and only Cork Bar & Grill.

As y’all can probably tell, I shot this on my iPhone and filtered it through the Rarevision VHS Camcorder app, and then pieced it together in iMovie for iOS. Nothing major, nothing complicated, but still a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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