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✍🏾 | I’m Attempting My Third Zero Draft Thirty Screenplay #ZD30Script


All right, y’all. I’m doing it β€” or, at least, I’m gonna attempt to do it.

Following the Zero Draft Thirty schedule popularized by Go Into The Story‘s screenwriting challenge of the same name, I’m making an effort to hammer out another spec screenplay β€” No. 3 β€” before the end of the year.

This screenplay will be based on my long-gestating novel idea Fetch the Treasure.

For some reason I always include Rihanna, or some reference to her, in my writing. (photo courtesy: @badgalriri)

I’ve always had the story for Treasure plotted out β€” in fact, its origins are rooted in the infamous Rihanna Plane tour (once again proving that the Barbadian pop icon looms large in all my writing). But after seeing Taika Waititi‘s marvelous (heh) Thor: Ragnarok, a film that I enjoyed tremendously, I feel I understand what my script’s tone should be.

While I’m not offering too many more plot details, because paranoia, I will say that the story is a mashup of comedy and adventure, with my usual pop culture commentary and criticism.

If I’m able to adhere to the ZD30 Script schedule (which boils down to four pages written per day), I should have a completed zero draft of Treasure by Dec. 12. And the thing is, I’m already ahead of the game β€” I’m already at 17 pages. Not bad, right?

Guestlist by Jay Fingers
Lady Fetch, the main character of “Fetch the Treasure,” made her debut in my first novel “Guestlist.”

Also, here’s a bonus for longtime readers of my fiction: The main character, Lady Fetch, was introduced in my debut novel Guestlist. That’s right β€” the sassy hip-hop diva from my novel has her own story, and I hope know it’ll be an entertaining one to tell. Also, her friend Barbie Shinebright makes an appearance.

I be world building, y’all. I be world building.

And of the three spec ideas I’ve had this year, I feel the most confident about Fetch the Treasure. I think it’s the most commercial script idea, it’d be considered a four-quadrant movie, and it’s perfect escapist fare IMO.

So we’ll see what happens. I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated, and on Dec. 12, let’s see if I’ve got a draft of this baby ready!

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