📝 #AuthorLifeMonth Day 4: My WIP 📝

So as many of you know, I shelved the novel I had been working on — but that should not suggest I stopped writing altogether. Oh no no no.

In fact, during the writing of Hollywood Whisper I was also working on plot outlines for several future projects. One of those ideas spoke to me above all the others, and I decided to use it as the basis for my current WIP, a screenplay I am publicly calling Untitled NYC Comedy.

Since I am superstitious af, I will not be sharing the plot details with you guys at this point in time.

Sorry Not Sorry


But rest assured, the writing itself is coming along swimmingly, thanks in large part to the Final Draft iOS apps that allow me to write on the run. My iPad has a true and serious purpose now.

I don’t know what else I can say other than … I am working, dammit! I swear to you, I am working! Hopefully, the first draft of Untitled NYC Comedy will be finished soon.

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