A Zero Draft Thirty Update #ZD30Script — Day 16


OK, so we are 16 days into Zero Draft Thirty, the writing challenge in which we are supposed to write a “zero draft” of a screenplay in 30 days.

As the challenge mandates we write at a pace of four pages per day, at this point we should be at Page 64.

On Untitled NYC Comedy, I am at Page 58.

I know, I know. I started off cheating and now I’m a few pages behind. However, I am not worried. I will soon be taking time off from the day job, and during that period I vow to catch up in the most spectacular of ways.

Not only that, but I actually have been increasing the difficulty of the challenge by starting another screenplay (working title: Home Invasion) and writing four pages a day on that as well. See the tiny excerpt above.

Now, unlike with Untitled, I do not expect to finish Home Invasion by the end of March. But what I do want to test is whether I am personally capable of writing two projects at the same time. Seeing as I’ve thoroughly plotted out both stories, it shouldn’t be too hard, especially if I keep to the four-page-a-day pace. So we shall see. So far, Home Invasion is at a very respectable 12 pages.

In other news, I’ve taken a shine to Hollywood Whisper again. Perhaps it’s because of my recent trips to LA, but I do feel it’s an important story and I just want to get it out. But I’m no longer feeling the pressure, so to speak, to finish it right away, so I’m going to take my time with it. I’m going to re-read what I’ve got, delve back into the characters and story, and ensure that it’s written to the best of my abilities.

But after I finish Untitled, tho.

Have you been participating in Zero Draft Thirty? If so, how are you coming along? Any progress to report? LMK in the comments below!

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