Jay Fingers Author Photo

#AuthorLifeMonth Day 2: My Author Photo


Exactly what it says on the tin, kids. My author photo, courtesy of the talented Sean Toussaint of BK Images.It’s arguably also the reason I’ve been dubbed “Mr. Martini.”

Jay Fingers Author Photo

Sean is a very talented dude. I find his portrait work to be phenomenal. Problem is, his culinary skills are as equally phenomenal, and he’s forsaken Brooklyn for Puerto Rico, where he’s opened his first restaurant, Barbacoa Boqueron. I can’t wait to take a trip down there to sample the menu.

Barbacoa Boqueron
Barbacoa Boqueron, courtesy of Facebook

Although it’s time for an updated photo, the truth is that I’ll likely never have a better one than the one featured here.

What do you think of my author photo? LMK below!

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