Gearing Up for Zero Draft Thirty September 2017! #ZD30script

Zero Draft Thirty Sept. 2017

Shout out to Trish Curtain, a screenwriter who created the above Zero Draft Thirty calendar for those of us attempting the challenge in September.

For the uninitiated, Zero Draft Thirty is a concept from screenwriter Scott Myers (K-9AlaskaTrojan War) of Go Into The Story. The idea is for writers to hammer out an entire draft of a screenplay in a month.

Trish’s handy calendar aims to help writers prepare this month before tackling the actual challenge. I’ve already done a fair bit of research for my next script — the action-adventure Fetch the Treasure, which I initially planned on writing as a novel — so I feel like I’m in a good place so far.

However, September will prove more demanding for me as I will be doing a bit of traveling — but hey, isn’t that why we have iPads and screenwriting apps?

Fetch the Treasure will be my third screenplay this year, but the second written during a Zero Draft Thirty challenge; the first was Roommates.

Anyone who wants to download the Zero Draft Thirty calendar for the September challenge can do so by right-clicking this link.



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