I Know What My Next Novel is Going to Be

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And it’s not going to be Hollywood Whisper … aka Truffle Butter.

For a while I’d been toying with an idea I’ve titled Side Chick. I admit, the plot’s not that innovative: A family man becomes involved with an unhinged woman, shit hits the fan, terror ensues.

And it’s also a story that firmly fits within the genre of “hood fiction” — my first take on hood fiction, Orange Mound, has quickly and recently become a readers’ favorite, and since I’m interested in writing tales that are commercially viable, I’m thinking another trip to the well can’t hurt.

So, yeah, the story’s been plotted out, and I hope am sure it’ll be an enjoyable, if not entirely novel, yarn. But the reason I’m now eager to really get the ball rolling is because the cover has already been designed. How’s that for efficiency?

I’ll do a full reveal at some point, but for now you just get the preview above. However, I will tell you that I chose this type of look for the cover because it lends itself to the hood fiction genre. Hey, why not?

Besides, it’s unlikely I’d have gotten my first choice of cover model anyway.

Shout out to Her Digital Boutique for the design.

That’s pretty much it for now. More news soon come!

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