I’m Back on My Screenwriting #jfxxxvi

“Say hello to KIARA SPIVEY.”

So in between writing Truffle Butter and plotting out my next novel after that (tentatively titled The Easters), I’ve been plotting out a couple of story lines that I believe will herald my glorious return to the world of screenwriting.

For those who don’t know, screenwriting has always been my No. 1 passion. But after a supposed sure-thing deal fell through, I gave up on my Hollywood dreams. Having now written a few books, and having those books be fairly well-received, I’ve gained the confidence and desire to seriously pursue screenwriting once again.

I have my screenwriting software, Final Draft, plus the FD Writer app for when I’m on the move. I’ve been reading books like Blake Snyder‘s Save the Cat and Viki King‘s How to Write a Movie in 21 Days. I’ve also plotted out two stories, and I’ve decided to write the Kiara Spivey tale first. Hopefully, I can hammer out a draft by year’s end.

I’ll be documenting my progress here, so please check back to see how I’m doing. And if you don’t see any progress reports, please feel free to call me out. And keep your fingers crossed — this time, I’m definitely going for the (Hollywood) gold!

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