Zero Draft Thirty Sept. 2017

Issa ‘nother Screenplay: I Finished My Second Zero Draft Thirty Script #ZD30script


“And then, because he could not stand to do otherwise, Paul Sheldon rolled the last page out of the typewriter and scrawled the most loved and hated phrase in the writer’s vocabulary with a pen: THE END.” —Stephen King, Misery

In September, screenwriter Scott Myers and his popular site Go Into the Story (GITS) hosted yet another Zero Draft Thirty script challenge, and instead of using the challenge to pen a new, whole ass screenplay as I’d planned to do, I decided to wrap up the one I’d currently been working on. And it is with no small measure of satisfaction that I can report that, yes, I did finish my second spec screenplay of the year on Sept. 30.

The script is titled Side Chick, and yes, it is based on the idea I’d come up with for my next novel — and hey, who’s to say I won’t use the script as the basis for the book and see what happens after that? But whatever, the screenplay is 90 pages of thrills, sex, violence, and humor all blended into a story that I hope an audience would find entertaining.

The premise is pretty simple: Calvin Kirkland is a former street dude gone legit in an effort to provide for his baby-mama Brandy and daughter Naya. But when Brandy gets impatient and leaves Calvin, taking their daughter with her, he embarks on a whirlwind romance with Diamond McAllister, a sexy Instagram model. However, when Calvin attempts to reunite with Brandy, it becomes apparent that Diamond is dangerously unstable, and Calvin must face a series of horrors in order to save his family.

Sounds exciting, no?

It felt really good to finish Side Chick, and I posted about it in the GITS Facebook group, where (as of this posting) it’s gotten more than 45 reactions, including a “like” and comment from Myers himself. The privacy settings of the GITS FB group prevent me from sharing the actual post, but it incorporated the King quote from above along with a photo of the words “The End” at, well, the end of my screenplay.


And not only that, but Myers also gave me a shoutout on the official GITS site, so that makes me feel all tingly on the inside.

I won’t lie, I was gonna try to be ambitious and write three specs before the year ends, but that may be too much. I think I’m gonna chill out for now. But at least I got two in the bag. Time to relax a bit before pulling out the green pen and making edits.

To all those who have supported me, whether it be through encouraging words, critical feedback, good vibes and prayer, an alcoholic bevvie or two, or whatever, I sincerely want to thank you.

And now, on to outlining my next screenplay — hey, even if I don’t begin writing it right away, I can still start planning. As the saying goes, “A writer is always working, even when not writing.”

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