Makin’ Mad Progress, Son! #ZD30Script — Day 7


So while today was actually my second day participating in Zero Draft Thirty, it was technically the seventh day of the challenge.

Whatever, if you don’t like that I’m numbering in this manner, you can fight your mama. 

As I mentioned previously, I’m working on Untitled NYC Comedy — the first of several spec script ideas that I’m finally bringing to fruition. And yes, I am cheating, seeing as I began writing this zero draft, ahem, a while ago. But so what? The end result is what’s important, and this challenge is manageable enough that I can actually do it.

OK, doggies, here’s the update: I wrote four more pages today to bring the grand total of pages written to 46. Whoo hoo! But tbh the writing has been a breeze because I’ve plotted the entire story out, and I’ve told it to myself over and over again, playing the scenes out in the cinema of my mind. I know where I’m going and what I’m doing.

Seriously, yo, at this pace, in about two weeks this draft will be finished and be ready for beta reading and rewriting. Cannot wait.

After all, as Hemingway … or was it White? … well, hell, a lot of people have said it because it’s a common axiom: “Writing is rewriting.”

See ya tomorrow for the next update! Cheers!

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