UPDATE: Why Yes, I’m Still Writing, Thanks for Asking


Yesterday was #BookLoversDay and so I decided to participate by posting the above photo to Instagram. As of today it’s gotten about 96 likes, which isn’t any spectacular but pretty good for me. In any case, one of my friends posted this comment: “Who’s that dude on the bottom?”

Yep, clustered in with such literary luminaries as Toni Morrison, Paulo Coelho, Elizabeth Strout, and Ralph Ellison is a little-known author named Jay Fingers.

Oh wait, that’s me. Hi there, hello. 🙋🏾‍♂️

And the thing is, yes, I do write. I used to be much more prolific — I mean, I’d written four books in the span of three years.

But things happened. Life happened. My mother fell ill, then I got embroiled in a legal battle over her affairs, then I was pretty much abandoned and ostracized by my so-called family, and then after all that she passed away. In fact, the one-year anniversary of her death is nearly upon us. So that’s some shit that’s weighing heavily on my mind.

Plus, I have a real for real day job as an editor at [redacted], and that not only takes up much of my time, but it also puts a real hurting on my mind grapes.

At the end of the day, I am mentally fatigued, and in that state I rarely feel like putting the proverbial pen to paper.

However, friends, I implore you to fear not! I have still been writing, and for those who haven’t been keeping up, I’m more focused on my original love: screenwriting.

I’ve already finished one spec script, Roommates, and I’m halfway through a second spec. If I can get my shit together, I’ll be attempting to write a third spec in September for another Zero Draft Thirty challenge.

And, you see, that’s what I’ve been doing the past few months. Getting my shit together. I’ve been thinking like a screenwriter, so I’ve no shortage of ideas, I’ve been doing tons of research and taking plenty of notes, and I even have a few story outlines completed. So although I haven’t published anything as of late, that should not suggest I’ve been lazy.

And yes, I do plan on publishing something soon. Just because I’m focused on screenwriting doesn’t mean that’s the only shit I’m working on. I know there’s some folks out there who are rooting for me (and I do appreciate y’all), and I want to make sure to give you something that you’ll hopefully enjoy.

I’ve been working. I’ve been writing. Here’s to hoping I’ll have something to share with you very soon.

Fingers out!

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