Jay Fingers Academy Award tweet

Go Ahead and Claim Your Success Now

On Twitter, the brother Ricky Tyree posted a motivational message for his fellow filmmakers, and really for anyone who’s pursuing their dreams and passions.

Ricky’s tweet encourages folks to claim, or manifest, their success, and he uses examples such as Prince’s Rick James tour badge listing his position as “musician/star,” tweets from actress-writer Issa Rae and filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry, and an Instagram post from actress Zendaya.

These are clear examples of these individuals manifesting their successes, and by that, I mean they made their dreams and goals a reality through attraction and belief.

In other words, they thought it, and it happened.

That made me seek out the tweet at the top of this post, posted a little more than two years ago. That’s me, claiming that I will one day win an Academy Award. But more than that, it suggests a career that will ultimately lead to that point β€” one in which I will work my way up the Hollywood hierarchy, writing films that will be both critically acclaimed and commercially adored.

That means there’s more to manifestation than willpower and positive thinking β€” you gotta put in the work, son.

And so that is the goal for 2021. To work, to write, to sweat and persevere. I fully believe that I’ll make it one day.

I’ve already claimed it.